Our Work

Capacity Building

our aim is to contribute to the improvement of the management and control of malaria and other communicable diseases at all levels of community and health care systems for capacity building


Core Work Areas

MAC has supported several Malaria Case Management Trainings on case management.

The increasing donor support to malaria means that health care projects should be managed effectively and are evaluated to demonstrate impact. However, most district health management teams do not have sufficient technical skills to effectively run programs and evaluate them. MAC has supported project management trainings for district health management teams.

To support young researchers, MAC supports proposal development trainings for district health workers and staff members that are interested in health research.

To support the large Insecticide Treated Bednets (ITNs) program, MAC regularly runs entomology course for district health workers who are directly responsible with malaria control activities.

MAC has supported the harmonization of SADC malaria policies and protocols through training of key policy makers across SADC.

The project is aimed at improving the control of vector-borne diseases (VBDs) through building capacity of early career researchers to carry out independent research, research institutions to provide conducive research environment and improve policy engagement. Currently three post-doctoral students are enrolled under this project

This is a program where we provide capacity building for health workers in districts across Malawi on skills and better approaches for delivering and improving immunisation services to increase immunisation coverages in under-five children.