The success in malaria research has opened up paths for
MAC-CDAC to engage in researching other communicable diseases.

About The Epidemiology Core

This focuses on the changing trends in malaria disease burden in response to control and elimination efforts in diverse epidemiological settings within Malawi. Some research questions being investigated in this study include: How does the burden of malaria disease and infection differ in diverse eco-geographic settings in Malawi? Facility based surveillance, cross-sectional surveys and follow-up studies are conducted in selected facilities and communities in the three districts of Thyolo, Blantyre and Chikhwawa.

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About the Entomology Core

The Entomology Group/ Department conducts operational research into the impact of malaria control intervetions, Anopheles biting behavior, extent of insecticide resistance and vector control into neglected tropical diseases such as Human African Trypanosomiasis (HAT) or sleeping sickness in Malawi

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About Administration Core

Over the years the size and number of grants awarded to the Centre has grown. There are many administrative requirements incorporated into each grant award hence the need to ensure that there is a strong team in place to ensure that the reporting requirements for each grant are met. Although all funding to MAC is channeled through the College of Medicine, the MAC administration team is the main
link between the College, Principal Investigators and the donors.

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About this Core

MAC has pioneered the use of hand held gadgets in data collection and management within the College of Medicine. The Centre was the first to collect data using Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) and tablets using both offline and online tools. Offline tools involve the use of notepads, tablets, PDAs and Paper. Online data collection tools are tablets and laptops. Data storage is located on a state of the art server which is also the platform for online data collection. The server is supported by the College of Medicine ICT team.  Reports are generated by the data team in collaboration with investigators.

Striving Towards Excellence

Striving Towards Excellence


Epidemiology core

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Entomology Core

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Data Management & Analysis core

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